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Our Ethos

HCB was formed as a Community Interest Company by three like-minded individuals who care passionately about this community and want to show that we can provide superfast Broadband so that we continue to thrive and succeed as a community.

Our goal is to bring quality high speed internet to EVERYONE in the area, not just Ullapool. Many outlying areas have been told that they will never receive decent broadband, or at least it is many years away. We feel this is not good enough.

Obviously our financials are a concern to us, we are not naïve, but as long as we have the funding available our focus is much more on providing what we see as a vital service to everyone. Sure the three of us would love to make a wage out of this, but we are currently putting three months of work for free because we all believe in this project.

We will provide a tangible service as a return on your funding, and 100% of your donation will be used to provide service to you and the community.

We realise that not everyone can afford to contribute the cost of installation and a years’ service in advance, but if you can afford this, we would ask you to look at your neighbours and the wider community and know that by subscribing now you will enable them to join in the future.

In addition to improved digital connectivity in remote and rural communities, we envisage the following outcomes:

1. The relocation and retention of families to the area to ensure the continuing operation of the local primary schools as improved Broadband allows greater employment opportunities in remote areas.
2. Improved access to educational opportunities e.g. research for school & college assignments, as well as distance learning opportunities.
3. The restoration of disused crofts and abandoned buildings to re-create a vibrant and thriving viable community around the area as Broadband access is now considered the fourth utility.
4. The ability of Crofters to download and submit documents to the Crofting Commission and improve their incomes via home based small business.
5. On the job training on network design and construction for community members during the planning, building and operation phases of the network.
6. Greater equality for the rural population as the movement of essential services online e.g. Government, Banking and Utilities increase with cost penalties for those unable to access.

Who are we?

Nick Lampen
Business Manager

Nick Lampen
Nick Lampen obtained an MSc in 2000 studying Business Management and Strategic Information Systems at the University of Bath and subsequently worked in Online Marketing. Since 2004 he has run his own web based retail business and currently lives in Badcaul.

Nick performs all the tasks associated with running the front end of HCB both Kim and Duncan are glad to have him to do all the "bloody paperwork"
Kim Tunsley
Hardware Manager

Kim Tunsley
Kim Tunsley has been in the engineering, electronics and automated control system industries for many years. Working in supervisory positions worldwide for various multinational companies in the medical, food, explosives and subsea industries.

Kim will look after deploying the network and managing all hardware involved, his and Duncan's duties overlap to some degree as they both must work closely to achieve a balanced network infrastructure.
Duncan Cook
Network Administrator

Duncan Cook
After more than 25 years in the IT sector Duncan Cook is highly experienced in all aspects of network deployment and administration. A self confessed computer geek since childhood he has been involved in writing bespoke apps for a number of North Sea clients, he has installed wifi solutions all over the highlands and currently works with Dulcie at the Ullapool Computer Shop

Duncan will be responsible for the administration of the network, handling traffic management and user access to the wider internet. His duties will overlap with Kims to provide the best possible service.